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The Ragged School Blog Deptford

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Its time to get The Ragged School in Deptford a place on the net and create an exciting social experiment to demonstrate how the local community can use technology to make things happen. My name is Andrew Orford and Im going to help show how any community based organisation whith a low budget can get the most out of the Internet as an outreach tool. I hope this specific blog will demonstrate team blogging as a method to interact with other South East London bloggers and organisations. Please link to the main page as soon as possible to help other people searching online for Deptford to discover this 'hub'. We will be delivering community based news and narrating the technology enabling of Deptford. People who use the The Ragged School will also be able to advertise what is going on. Deptford has an exciting cluster of innovative social and creative projects which we will report on.


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