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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Locative Media

One of the most notable features of Deptford is that its history is mostly invisible. Of course there are some lovely buildings left, but only a very few. What was not bombed in the war is under threat from modern day development. My favourite is the Shipwrights Palace, which I will be posting about in the future. Until they get a website proper here is one of the few pages about it on the net, an "expired" page which has been archived using the indispensible Way Back Machine. I find the treasure hunt of tracking down information on the net can sometimes be more like an archeology trip or a ghost hunt. If we could actually walk around Deptford with a locative aware device, what sort of information could be stored and shared ? So called Locative Media is becoming a serious discipline in its own right. I hope that one of the features of this blog will be the chance to become a hub for the many cross disciplinary artists who are currently investigating the subject. Whilst combing the google results for Deptford, I found this interesting project which looks at subverting the traditional guided tour by involving the users in its creation.


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