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Monday, April 09, 2007

East Greenwich Pleasaunce

East Greenwich PleasaunceThe Friends of East Greenwich Pleasaunce on Sunday led a walk around the this little known secluded park - a former orchard before being acquired by The Admiralty in 1856. The ground was needed to expand the old naval hospital cemetery (beside what is now The National Maritime Museum) and later move parts of it when the railway tunnel to Maze Hill was constructed. The Pleasaunce is situated close to Westcombe Park train station where there is a modern but obscure small entrance on Halstow Road.

East Greenwich PleasaunceThe main entrance on Chevening Road is no more visible from the very busy Woolwich road but for the curious original entrance which I have passed many times and wondered about. I must have read about it first in Open House several years ago and remained unaware that it was connected to this fascinating entrance. Because the park is on a gentle slope, the back affords a view of Canary Wharf.


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