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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Blog Technology

Recently Ive been discussing with my friend Nick about the world of blogging and podcasting and I commented that at first its like when you discover the web itself, theres no where to start or end. The blogosphere is an amamorphous tangle which is holographic. Most blogs contain quoted portions and comments to and from other blogs. If like a holgram a piece is shattered, its constituent parts are found scattered around reflecting the whole.

One Crucial entry point into the blogosphere is Technorati, which I have used to determine our first link from a fellow South London blogger. The Technorati search engine which frequently indexes blogs can be searched to see if a website you are on is being blogged about. So when you put in The Ragged School, here is what you get. Thanks Casino Avenue, this is a great example of how a geographical net or hub comes about. I hope this blog can be used as a demonstration medium to engage local community based projects in getting online savvy. With enough patience and determination perhaps a future DeptfordX festival could expand into digital media and put Deptford in the spotlight as a vibrant convergance zone for geomedia innovation. I have in mind the London Free Map which is pioneering a free of copyright, free to use map data, which in turn others can exploit to create cool online gadgetry like perhaps making your phone beep a certain way when you pass a site in Deptford which has a website, blog or realtime stream of data. The point is not about cool stuff, but generating excitement about the way one persons approach can help another, and how oppurtunities for ecology, economy, community and education are expanding as activists working in the digital create a synergy with people working on the ground in the locale.


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