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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

6th Lewisham Blogger's Meet Up

To celebrate the 6th Lewisham Blogger's Meet Up I would like to reflect on the trends that have taken place since our first meeting on 18th November 2006. Firstly thankyou to Andrew Brown, and great to see The Dame, Clare, Michael, John, Andrew M, Claudia, Helen, Neil, Bob, Rob, and Max.

  1. More civic societies and local groups use forums or have a website.
  2. Bloggers and website creators have embedded dynamic content to keep a live overview of related content.
  3. Peoples expectations means they will persist in searching for local content, which is then shared through social networking.
  4. Bloggers study the source code of blogs which do something useful they could deploy themselves.
  5. Help forums for bloggers have demystified how it all works.
  6. TV, radio and newspapers have blogs and podcasts and discuss this on air.
  7. People who still aren't sure what this blogging is 'all about' suddenly realise they have been reading blogs without knowing it.

In the old days getting access to people with 'know how' was sometimes off limits to people outside certain spheres. Bloggers and readers can access people and expertise. We are evolving so quickly in this area we must not overlook this historic turning point.


At 12:13 pm, Blogger Andrew Brown said...

Great to see you and a good summary of the changes that are happening.

One other thing that occurs to me is that we're not in one place anymore either. People who are online as bloggers are quite likely to also be active on other social networking sites, and sharing some content across each.


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