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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Debt Collection

Just found/listened to this - "Made from an assortment of Deptford market junk and 50p charity shop tunes, fed into a dilapidated laptop, what has emerged are a bunch of uniquely beguiling, off kilter hangover classics. Now completed The Debt Collection is set to be release on April 18th 2005."

"Step children of South East London, The Shortwave Set herald the imminent arrival of their debut album, the Victorian Funk masterwork The Debt Collection, with the release of a highly covetable 10” only record at the start of April 2005. Featuring album tracks Is It Any Wonder, Figures of ’62 and In Your Debt, it will be available via all discerning record stores. It follow the release of their debut single, Slingshot, a rickety, clumsily cut up and put back together stroke of genius that inadvertently stumbled into the world some 18 months ago."


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