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Friday, December 30, 2005


Rather than give a long spiel as exactly why I havnt updated for a while I will instead start with two relevant items of interest to bloggers and DIY media hacktivists.

Number 1 is the new extension for Firefox called Performancing which I only dreamed of, a post to blog thingy which is simple and effective, please try it out. I am posting this with it right now. I was testing Flock which has such functionality built in, for which there are my comments on my main blog andreworford.com . My current observation as of this post, is how easier it was to use this extension to quickly edit or postscript a blog. (rather than, in this case - use blooger.com own webpage interface.)

Number 2 is finding out about SocialSource which is something Nick and myself were searching for during the inital research I carried out about the documentation of Free and open source projects being used by community groups. The scene in London is still very hidden to newbies, but anyone looking around to pick up some directional scent should check out the Hacklab in Rampart Street. Also Dorkbot which is a mix of hardware based hacktivism and reports on new projects like OpenStreetMap.


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