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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Boundless new home

Deptfords innovative Boundless project has taken a step forward by establishing its first permanent space called Gifspace at Giffin Square. A former artist studio in the Giffin Business centre is now home to the Boundless project. The new space will enable a regular weekly drop in clinic for meshbox users to troubleshoot any problems. Having a real place to drop in will galvanize efforts to bring the project a new level of focus. At the first meeting in the space, members discussed how the current Boundless website was difficult, but that it reflected the complex and unique structure of people and ideas in evolution. Whilst a wireless mesh network provides a real useful purpose, its establishment as a Cooperative union has enabled a wider cultural and political debate about how technology led projects interact with various other power structures. The independance of the Boundless Coop enables a level of integrity - enough to define its own brief as a unique communitarian effort. We are all excited about developing its outreach and interface with other forward looking technology and community projects.


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