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Monday, June 06, 2005

Retail chains 'cloning' UK towns

Britain's town centres are rapidly becoming indistinguishable, losing all sense of local identity as they are taken over by global and national chain stores, economists warned today.....The foundation also assessed 27 high streets across London and found 13 were clones, nine were home towns that retained their identity, and five were border towns. Wimbledon, Hammersmith and Clapham Junction were the most extreme of the clones, while Shepherd's Bush, Deptford and Bethnal Green scored highest for individuality.

source: The Guardian June 6th


At 6:54 pm, Blogger James Wild said...

Hi there. What connection does the blogger have with the Ragged School in Deptford? I see that both the OAP and the squatters who followed them have noe been evicted. I'd like this place to be saved as it was part of the old ragged school. A number of people claim that the actual Deptford Ragged School was elsewhere. This may be partly true but then how do they explain the plaque on the exterior saying that this was a Ragged School?


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