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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Google SE8 style

I have just created a search box [Search SE8 ] at the top right. Please try it and be as amazed as I must have been when I discovered it myself. Google has deployed its new mapping technology with a database of business addresses from Yell.com to create something Ive never seen before. In one stroke Google has illuminated the 'invisble' web of references to places in Deptford (which mainly have no websites themselves). This means that it is now easy to find accurate up to date contact details for nearly everything, filtered by place. This is about mapping information from two different sources to a third, an actual map. The two sources, Yellow Pages style listings and references to the same establishments (on web pages scattered across the net) have been cross referenced to draw on the power of both. The result is a context rich search which shows how such establishments are represented electronically when they have no website themselves. What can we learn from this about the future of the web and the choices the local community need to make about representing themselves using their own voices ?

postcript August 2006, have removed said serachbox from main page to preserve here.


At 7:23 am, Blogger Om said...

Now, that is amazing...Thanks!

At 3:38 pm, Blogger Andrew said...

Very cool indeed. I'm not sure that I've got any meaningful thoughts on your question though; the question will be how to get noticed by Google I expect.


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