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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Remember to disorganize

Just a quick visual reminder of the old bakery (in blue) at 227 Deptford High Street which once became "Use Your Loaf" and has been boarded up.

Although this particular venue is now not currently functioning as the creative social centre that it once was, it did at least partly inspire this blog. The Use Your Loaf collective relocated some activities to The Ragged School.
It seems a bit odd now to put up this picture, and many people familiar with what was The Ragged School (or Princess Louise Institute) in Hales Street must still be wondering how I am connected to it as you may have noticed I havnt explained so far.

Well, well, well, therby hangs a tale. And I wouldnt even start to tell you until I have composed myself. Frankly I dont know the half of it, and am still researching the details. And it is for that reason I have not updated this blog for so long, as I grieved the demolition of The Ragged School.

A blog insnt just a place to organise your thoughts, its also a place to disorganize them too !


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