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Friday, March 31, 2006

Blogging Lewisham and Britain

When anybody first starts using a search engine and is surprised at the millions of results a simple query can return, its not long before they start seeing if they can do the complete opposite and find something difficult and obscure, just to prove if you can find a needle in the worlds biggest ever haystack. After some success with sussing out search then you think "but if it has this, then why not this" ? Sometimes trawling through tens (or hundreds) of search results only makes sense if you perform the same searches repeatedly over a long time period, its then that trends become apparent. Trends such as broken, abandoned and disappearing web sites, or more positively perhaps, the gradual emergence of hubs or communities of interest and the growth of accurate and useful information. A trend in particular at the moment (not surprisingly) is local councillors getting a blog, because if they don't, they will be blogged about anyway, and in any competition which relies so heavily on reputation and active support, you simply couldn't afford not to have a blog now. I myself like discussions which transcend partisan politics to advocate useful ideas and make any idea open to analysis and improvement. So when I found this PDF (about 1.15 MB) about 'Civic Leadership Blogging' I was delighted at such a well thought out and presented exposition. As the wording inside the PDF file puts it:
The "“Civic Leadership Blogging Project," a UK Local e-Democracy effort led by NorthLincsNet of the North Lincolnshire Council, is a focused effort to look beyond blogging's current image and pilot ways it can be used for local civic leadership.
I really do recommend any serious bloggers to give it a flick even if they arent blogging for election purposes, and if your studying or teaching citizenship its very good material to cite. Meanwhile I welcome one of Lewishams newest blogs: Green Ladywell


At 2:06 pm, Blogger Sue Luxton said...

thanks for the plug for my blog!

At 1:16 pm, Blogger Andrew Brown said...

I played a small part in the development of the guide and think it sets out some very useful groundrules for anyone thinking about blogging about civic leadership. Talking to its author, Griff has certainly changed the way I use my blog, I hope for the better.


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