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Monday, February 06, 2006

Deptford.tv launch March

announcement for the launch of Deptford.TV on 03/03/06

Deptford.tv is an audio-visual documentation of the regeneration process of the Deptford area in collaboration with SPC.org media lab, Bitnik.org, the Boundless.coop, Liquid Culture and Goldsmiths College.

Since September 2005 we started assembling AV material around the regeneration process of the Deptford area, asking community members, video artist, film-makers, visual artists and students to contribute statements, feedbacks, critiques of the regeneration process of Deptford.
This rough material as well as edited media content will be made available on the Deptford.TV database and distributed over the boundless.coop wireless network an open content license such as the creative commons and the gnu general public license.



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