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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Telegraph Hill Festival

Banksy DeptfordOn Tuesday night I trekked to St.Catherines Church community centre opposite Askes in the first journey from home to 'school' in about 15 years. I walked via Brockley Station and was pleased to see the new Brockley Common is actually being built ! The reason for this foray was not to relive walking to school, though I was surprised at the amount of happy memories which came flooding back and stunned at the magnificent view of the city at night from Telegraph Hill. The purpose of my visit, to hear Neil Gordon-Orr from Transpontine give his talk about the musical history of New Cross and Deptford, which was a real treat. Afterwards I bought Neils 'Deptford Fun City' booklet which is a great read and valuable addition to my collection on local history. When the time came for comments, I was intrigued to hear that someone has apparently gone to that wall near the Laban and used an angle grinder to remove the girl wearing a divers helmet from the Blur series by Banksy. I'm yet to check but will pop past next time I'm nearby.


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