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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

East London Line

As I criss cross the web, following one link to the next, I occasionally see something that strikes a chord. I had planned myself to write an article detailing the manner in which Deptford is linked to Brick Lane by the umbilical cord that is the East London Line. This peculiar off shoot of London Underground in the peak hours terminates northbound at Pedley Street, Shoreditch which is so perfect for Brick Lane. I relish the prismatic culture of Brick Lane being the perfect backdrop for many Degree shows by art and graphic design students every summer at Free Range, Truman Brewery. Its also nice to walk via Brick Lane when visiting both The White Cube Gallery (Hoxton Square) and the Whitechapel Gallery (Aldgate East) in the same day. Sadly the Pedley street station will close to become another ghost station as it will eventually relocate in Shoreditch High Street near the Tea building. If you ever wondered whatever happened to that charming Revival Cafe (and gallery) which was an oasis on Deptford High Street, (a place I spent many an afternoon in 1997 when I studied multimedia at Lewisham College, Deptford Campus) well the gallery part, Hales Gallery moved to the Tea building. It was a great loss for Deptford. So when I saw this article I was happy to see the orange tube connection beautifully treated in lush reportage.


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