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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Google Earth Greenwich

Whilst at Deckspace during the recent Deptford.tv project launch, James Stevens overheard me discussing Google Earth and told me about Greenwich Emotion Map which is - as far as I am aware, the first major project of this type in south east London. The Google Earth program allows users to look at satellite photography of an area and overlay any data onto it. Christian Nold worked with residents of the Greenwich Peninsula to capture and annotate various experiences which were mapped using GPS to record the location. Later the data was sorted in a way which enables users to filter various 'layers' in Google Earth. Using this technique it is possible to make sense of a dense conurbation and allow visitors and residents to take ownership of how it is signposted and narrated. This will have a major effect on how we consult information about a locale (without recourse to traditionally authoritative sources). It show us how this technology can bring forward existing projects and interests making them visible (in a world where mounds of text feel like swimmining in glue.) Fortunately, a fellow blogger (Archeology of the Future) has written a great entry detailing his day participating in the project.


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