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Sunday, May 14, 2006

OpenStreetMap locative Deptford

My friend Nick Hill (shown right) has just got back from the Isle of Wight workshop and is shown here with Adnan Hadzi of Deptford.tv and LiquidCulture. We met at Deckspace in Greenwich to discuss how the Deptford.tv database of user submitted video clips could be mapped geographically without infringing copyright map data. So I asked Nick to invite Steve (of OpenStreetMap) who has been working on Free The Postcode. Despite being very busy he kindly joined us before heading up to Mapchester.

It is becoming possible to create synergies between 'offline projects' (with little or no digital presence) and the Copyleft and Free Software movement, for whom continuous innovation is a driving force. Once the Deptford section of OpenStreetMap is complete, work can start to create an open ecosystem of locative media based on user submitted content, a whole system freed up of some commercial and legal restrictions. As the offline based user groups start to get involved, they will be able to start a discussion around Copyleft, the Creative Commons and the common creation and ownership of digital content. In return, case study material about users and creators experience can be fed back to software developers and system designers to help simplify and enhance the usabilty of the free digital platform.

Perhaps the sum total of such rich exchanges between various groups could extend the areas reputation as a creative hub and on into the realm of digital innovation.


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