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Sunday, January 22, 2006

What's up blog ?

No matter how infrequent I post here, I never stop thinking about what a special and intriguing part of London Deptford is. So I've been going through literally several hundred pages which mention it to bring you at least 125 of the most relevant !!!

I've organized them so far courtesy of Del.icio.us, which if you don't already know is an interesting way to simply share bookmarks and find sites others have bookmarked. You can see what gems I've collected so far at del.icio.us/ which I think you will agree complements the wide spectrum of Deptford's heritage and cultural diversity.

My next step is to categorize them into common groups. But overall my aim is to help make a picture of what people perceive about Deptford through the web. I want to raise awareness of the impact a local community has on how it cultivates its presentation on the internet, to show that it can be proactively managed and used as force for everyone's benefit.


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