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Thursday, February 02, 2006

'learn how to' - Save Ladywell Pool

After learning to swim at Crystal Palace and Forest Hill Baths, I went on to swim at Ladywell with my primary school, and use Ladywell as a leisure pool thereafter. I am not really a keen sportsperson, and I don't like chlorine swimming baths, so I no longer swim - but when I pass Ladywell on the bus towards Catford I recognize what an important social hub Ladywell is.

Like anyone who keenly reads the local paper to follow the latest, I was originally stunned to see that it could be demolished.
I have just taken another look at Save Ladywell Pool and I must congratulate all who have created a showcase of positive community campaigning. I strongly urge all teachers, campaigners, heritage, ecology and community advocates to spend at least 20 minutes exploring the quality and depth of this website. Notice the care that has been taken to create appropriate weblinks to quoted documents and persons. Main topics are grouped with a clear menu. There is a discussion forum.

Whatever the fate of the pool, make sure that this outstanding civic resource can be appraised and modeled - to allow other awareness campaigns to flourish, and the local electorate a new participatory vehicle.


At 12:20 am, Blogger andreworford ªº said...

There is a great podcast from http://thoroughly-good.com/ about the Save Ladywell Pool campaign, you can download and listen to it like any podcast without an Ipod, its just an mp3 file. Download # 14: Save Ladywell Poolpodcast (29.5 MB).


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