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Monday, January 30, 2006

Christopher Marlowe Memorial Service

This Saturday sees the annual Christopher Marlowe Memorial Service at St.Nicholas Church, 11am. Its a great chance for Marlowe fans and anyone interested in Deptfords history to gather in this extrordinary church, which has a small but awesome oak panel by Grinling Gibbons (showing his Vision of Ezekiel in the Valley of the Dry Bones).


At 12:43 am, Blogger james said...

If Lewisham Council had any sense it would make the most of the Marlowe connection to attract visitors.
Here are a few things it could do:
1. Erect a statue of Christopher Marlowe,
2. A yearly Deptford Marlowe Festival of drama and the performing arts (This could involve the main church, the Albany, the Laban, local pubs and street theatre),
3.Perhaps re-name the Albany Theatre, The Deptford Marlowe Theatre,

At 4:54 am, Blogger andreworford ªº said...

I hope that this blog will help detail how technologies in web publishing are enabling citizens to take some ownership how their locale is represented. As the online medium eclipses the local councils media output in quantity and quality this will become practicable and inevitable. The use of podcasting audioguides, even via mobile phones for instance can enable an individual or community group to audio publish their own guide or dramatic presentation of an area. Also the recent use of Google Earth to map the Sundance Film Festival in Utah was a tour de force in mapping a cultural event schedule to a very usable map.


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